Commit history

This is the website of Darkvoid, a multiplayer online space trading/combat game. This site will follow the progress of development.

Originally this was a project I started whilst at university in 1996/1997. I was playing a MUD when and I had the original idea for doing a space based MUD with some combat/exploring/career advancment type thing. Alot was taken from my love of Elite of course. Chris Habgood and Kev Glass came up with some further ideas at the time for the telnet based game. After leaving university Kev and I explored OpenGL in C++ and the 3D game was born, then came versions in GLUT. Mostly I worked on the server side of things and network layer. Then Java3D came about and a version in Java3D was born. Then Java3D went dead, so Xith3D and jME were tried. Java3D went active again, but I was already looking at LWJGL then.

Currently I am using Ardor3D for the rendering engine, we'll see how far I get this time 

It's not designed to be hugely fancy, just prove that it can be done, and that Java is good for gaming.

Whilst developing the online persistent universe there are some smaller sub-parts that can be done as seperate mini games. One of these is Darkvoid Star Fighter. This is the combat section of Darkvoid Universe.